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Pimp Up Your
Board With
Surfboard Graphics!

Create your own design and get surfing!

All boards in our gallery come with a clear finish as standard.

We can apply the following to your board using a variety of techniques.

Below are some examples and explanations of the different kinds of graphics you may want


Artwork is printed onto a specialist cloth which is laminated beneath the fibre glass of the board. This can be produced from photographic images enabling us to apply any artwork to the board.


Posca pens are a water-based paint pen which come in a variety of colours and diameters. Posca artwork is drawn freehand on to the board then a layer of speed coat (clear Lacquer) is applied to seal the board.


Using nitro synthetic paints with a spray gun, your individual artwork requirements or reproduced from your examples. The board is masked & sprayed several times to apply each colour.


Resin is coloured using pigment paste and applied during the lamination process embedding the colour within the glass of the board. Resin tint artwork is not detailed but mainly used for block colour or colour blends.

Surfs Up!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Graphics can be applied and prices start at £30 upwards. Accurate prices can be quoted on application depending on requirements and complexity of the application of graphics. If you could show us examples of the kind of graphics you would like this will help our artists establish the best solution for you.

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