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Matt Adams Custom Surfboards

Custom Surfboards For Surfers, Made In Cornwall, UK #mattadamsshapes

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Matt Adams Surfboards

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Matt Adams Surfboards

Matt Adams Custom Surfboards make high performance surfboards for the every day surfer and the pro alike. Shaper Matt has been designing and making surfboards for over 30 years. Working with some of the best shapers before becoming a master shaper himself, Matt’s roots are in fuller outline, fast and high performance in all shapes he chooses to work with. Matt Adams Custom Surfboards are high performance, pre thought and customised to your needs. Chat to Matt on the What’sApp widget to get your shapers discount, currently board turnarounds in PU or epoxy are 2-3 weeks.

With surfboards produced in traditional PU and EPS, hand shape and hand shape finish Matt has produced 1000’s of boards over the decades for the everyday surfer to supporting and shaping for some of the UK’s most ambitious surfing talent. For instance this includes the likes of Lucy Campbell, Lucy Rose Donlan, Luke Dillon, Finn Collins and Joshua Braddock. It’s the relationship and detail you have with your shaper that gives you that custom surfboard. Our dimensions are guidelines, our focus is on quality and performance. We are also an authorised FCS dealership, hit the video button to see this years products and find your FCs fin.


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Our shapes have been changing over the years and here you will find the surfboards we make regularly based around our performance templates. Many of our models are based on requests from one surfers preference to the next, a pure evolution of the original shapes and template. In addition, each board can be customised around the dimensions, or a change in tail or rocker, rail or colour.

What you will find every time is detail. Matt wants you to have the best board for you and that is the best result for everyone. With a keen eye for design Matt can tailor any model to your height and weight and surfing ability. Therefore, that translation in shapes and a quality performance driven surfboard is what you get from a master shaper.

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“I love that you guys are really pushing the models of boards at the moment. For me I think its awesome for people to understand that they can take these models, hop on the phone/ sit down with Matt and talk about what they like/ don’t like in their board and he can adapt the models to suit them. They are going to come out with a board thats exactly what they are after/ will suit they’re surfing and not just a board thats roughly they’re size/ dimms from any old surf shop! Above all, that’s something that Adams should be super proud of!”  – Lucy Campbell 3 x Women’s UK Surfing Champion.

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